Clashy clashy

When I first stumbled into the world of scandi, I never thought I would be a clasher. Well two years down the line, here I am 😂 

There’s not much that makes me happier than covering Jude in ALL the prints and ALL the colour. Anything goes. When my mum tells me he looks like he’s had a fight down the paint aisle I know I’ve got it right. Sometimes when scrolling through Instagram I am momentarily inspired to tone it down a bit and maybe coordinate his cuffs and trims, but I’m so used to him looking like a walking rainbow he just doesn’t look like Jude if he matches. His colours are just a part of him now.
The new Duns submarine print is without a doubt one of my new all time favourites, and not just for the yellow submarine/Hey Jude/ Beatles link. The colours are amazingly vivid. Teamed with his new Maxomorra snail ribs, it makes for the most perfect clash (even if Vicky doesn’t agree 😂)
We wore this outfit to physio last week. The physiotherapist took one look at him and exclaimed ‘oh wow he looks brilliant!’
‘Aw his outfit?’ I replied.
A moments confused silence.
‘Well no, I meant his balance. But yes, I do really like his top’.

Jo x

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